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Your 401K

When it comes to funding their retirement, most people today will rely on one of the greatest assets they have available, their employer provided 401k or 403b plan. However, many of us don’t appreciate the incredible opportunity that 401k and 403b plans offer.

At PGFP, we know how a well-managed plan can equip people for an enjoyable retirement. Let us assist you in watching over your 401k or 403b plan. Some of the many questions and decisions we can help with are:

  • How much should I contribute?
  • Can I maximize my employer matching contributions?
  • Which investment sub accounts should I choose?
  • How about utilizing a Roth option?
  • How often should I change my allocations?
  • Can I take money out?

We can provide objective advice to you, taking into consideration all your financial goals. We work on a fee basis only, and will not try to sell you anything. Let us provide the reassurance you need that your 401k or 403b plan is at work nurturing a satisfying future.

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