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Investment Planning

Portfolio Review

Sometimes it helps to have an objective party take a look at how your investments are positioned. Investing is not an exact science, and anyone can simply “get it wrong”, even the experts. Some changes may be needed, from small “tweaks”, to more significant adjustments. Let us stress test your portfolio and run some diagnostics. These diagnostic tools can help you align your asset allocation to best achieve your goals, without taking on excessive risk. We can be that second pair of eyes and hopefully point out any blind spots. We’ll help you determine which major factors could influence your investment plan and decide if any action is necessary.

Full Service Investment Management

Link to Geier Asset ManagementAre you in need of quality management for your investment portfolio? Our affiliate, Geier Asset Management, Inc., has been providing comprehensive, fee-based portfolio management for over 18 years. As a Registered Investment Advisor, GAM has partnered with Fidelity Custody and Clearing to develop a broad array of strategies intended to benefit clients based upon their individual investment goals. GAM offers proprietary strategies as well as custom portfolios consisting of individual securities and/or mutual funds. Fidelity’s open architecture platform grants clients access to the entire investment universe.

Digital Investment Solution

Today’s new technology is changing the way people can choose to manage their investments. Investors who are digitally savvy and comfortable with web-based interaction can take a streamlined, lower cost approach. Often referred to as “robo advisors”, these digital investment solutions are conducted online through a website.

GAM, too, offers an Automated Management Platform. Use the AMP website to guide you through an online questionnaire to assess your current financial situation, risk tolerance, and financial goals. GAM will then use this information along with proprietary algorithms to develop and suggest an asset allocation, build your diversified portfolio, and manage it automatically.

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