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Second Opinion Services

Are you confident in your current investment plan? Maybe just a few nagging worries? As we all know, investing is not an exact science, and anyone can simply “get it wrong”, even the experts. In fact, so many variables go into sound investment decisions that sometimes a new set of eyes and a different perspective can be very helpful. Would a new outlook give you some additional peace of mind? Sometimes it helps to have an objective party take a look at how your investments are positioned.

Another common human behavior we can fall prey to is complacency. A well-constructed investment portfolio rarely needs a major overhaul. But there are numerous factors and assumptions that will affect the results you will achieve, such as time, risk, available investment choices, tax efficiency, and current valuations.

Therefore, one of the most important attributes for your portfolio in today’s investment environment is flexibility. A flexible portfolio is one that is pliable. It can bend, adjust, and adapt to the considerable market pressures and forces that confront it. Putting your portfolio on auto pilot is not necessarily the best choice. Changes may be needed, from small “tweaks”, to more significant adjustments.

How do you know when and how to be flexible and adapt?

We can help you. We’ll stress test your portfolio and run diagnostics. Although no one can predict exact outcomes, we can determine reasonable probabilities and ranges. How this benefits you is that you can evaluate the potential range of values of your portfolio at future dates. Diagnostic tools can help you align your asset allocation to best achieve your goals, without taking on excessive risk.

Aligning your goals, risk tolerance, and time frame to practical portfolio return expectations will help you successfully navigate the unexpected challenges, as well as the opportunities, that the market presents to us. We can be that second pair of eyes and hopefully point out any blind spots. We’ll help you determine which major factors could influence your investment plan and decide if any action is necessary.

Let us help you be flexible and adapt where necessary. Not only will you get where you want to go, but you’ll also enjoy the ride!

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